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Cockpit with navigation equipment

How technology has affected fishing

What makes a day on the water so satisfying? When you reel in that blue marlin after a back-and-forth struggle? Or perhaps the exhilaration you feel as your boat skims the waves on a sun-drenched day. The feelings of joy – and sometimes frustration — anglers get from fishing are universal and have not changed. However, the technology used in fishing has changed over the years and has helped to enhance the experience.

Kevin Brown, captain of the High Density, shares, “I started fishing back in the day before we had any technology. Now, we have electronic chart plotters, sonar and radar to help find the perfect bottom or marking fish to find the exact spot for dropping anchor. We can also find the water temperature preferred by the fish we’re seeking.”

In addition to helping find fish, technology make it easier to pull in the fish.

For example, fishing tackle is lighter, and the drags are much smoother. Lines are made with braided mono-filament and are less likely to break. Reels can hold three times of this thinner, yet stronger line, which allows anglers to use smaller and lighter tackle for big fish.

Captain Kevin’s favorite piece of technology is the Seakeeper stabilizing system that reduces up to 95% of boat roll. “Guests feel the comfort of the Seakeeper we have on board. This is my favorite piece of equipment we have on board after 30 years of rock ‘n’ roll on the ocean!”