Family fishing trip Henry got his first Marin today and Eva caught mahi mahi to feed the family tonight #fishingreports #luxuryfishing #familyfishing ...

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Mom n daughter fighting a doubleheader straight Marlon cheering each other on another awesome day on the high density five for seven today ...

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Some nice wahoo here in Cabo this time of year #fishingreports #luxury #luxurytravel #luxuryfishing ...

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20 out of 25 or more marlin bites today fast as you can get a bait in the water fishing in Cabo is going off #fishingreports #luxury #luxurysport #luxurysportfishing ...

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Bisbee 2022 day 2 shotgun start #bisbee #luxuryfishing #fishingreports ...

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Bisbee day 1 shotgun start ...

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Great day out in the water first day after the storm 2 striped marlin 1 nice mahi for dinner and had a big black marlin up in the dredge n teaser he got away 😩#cabosportfishing #luxurysportfishingcharter #fishingreports ...

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Magic Bob brings in his first Marlin. Got his first Bull Dorado as well. Fun trip up to Las Barrilos 83 years young and still going! #fishingreports ...

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Trophy mahi las Barrilos ...

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Waters are warming up here in Cabo. Lots of yellowfin tuna striped marlin and sailfish everyday here in Cabo all the boats are loading up !!!
Also a few dorado a d wahoo #fishingreports

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Mag bay
Hello mag bay November 2022
Allot of my customers told me they want to go this year.
Book now before it’s to late to go this year !
This is a limited time frame.
For booking your charter.
We go when fishing and weather are the best
At the end of hurricane season and before the cold water comes there from up north.
November 1st to December 15th
Don’t miss this opportunity to do it in style on our 70ft Burtram High Density
And fish one of the worlds best and most amazing fishery’s
As of now I still have availability

November (10,11,12, possibly the 13,)

November 19th to 30th
December 1st to 15th
Also if you talk to me.
I can possibly work your trip dates out were you take transportation there and save you traveling time and $
If your dates are flexible
Call captain Kevin
ASAP before it’s all booked up !
#magbay #magdalena #marlin7

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